Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Magis Moment

It breaks my heart, the things that people do when they get divorced. Sparing unnecessary details about my own travails, I will share this . . . It's been five years since I lost my first "own" dog, my sweet Magis, and I just found out that cancer had ravaged her body and she had to be put down. I'm a wreck; yes, all these years after being called an "unfit dog parent" and ceding "custody," I still have missed that dog (who many of you probably had no idea ever existed, because I never mentioned her!) and am distraught at knowing what she must have suffered through.

Magis was one of the key parts of my early "grown up life" and, along with the first car I bought for myself (including all negotiations!), and my precious little condo in the Highlands, she was integral to what I'll call CN's Adult Life, the Early Years. I had to compartmentalize her, so to speak, when she was taken from me, and relinquish her to a bygone era of my life, but this news - coming unexpectedly and abruptly - has thrown me a gut-wrenching curveball.

Our pets are family; I'll be beyond the pale when something happens to Big one day. Coincidentally, today's "Dr. Phil" is about dog fighting and, by extension, animal abuse. If you have a dog you love, or you just think such insane cruelty is abhorrent like I do, watch the show. If you want to do more, contribute time or money to your local Humane Society - Magis was an Atlanta Humane Society adoptee and like other dogs in my family over the years, just a wonderful animal - and know that you are helping dogs like my sweet first child get to loving homes. Visit for info on the American Humane Society or to find locations near you.

With sadness, I share this Magis moment with you. My consolation is that even though it wasn't by me in her last days, I am sure this great dog was loved. If you have pets, hug them a little tighter today, just for Magis and me.

As Always,
Carrie Neal

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