Sunday, January 30, 2011

Love In The Time of Cholera

Or January.

I seem to have a knack for Ending Things this time of year. I guess the winter is a good time for breaking up, being all cold and yucky. It's perfect for crying and snuggling on the couch with the dog, taking baths and sleeping in, or meeting friends for drinks and comfort food. Of course, it's harder when those surprise beautiful days pop up, like today, as they always do in Atlanta - when you're just leaving someone do they make you feel better, or worse?

These are just some of the thoughts running through my head right now, as the last few days have brought the latest Relationship Change in my personal story. We needed to make changes to how things were and we proved we couldn't do it together, so I did it for us. I move into my new place in a few days, and am trying to be excited about that and focus on the good things ahead. The sunshine outside this weekend does help with the sadness, and all the love and support from my amazing friends and family keep me strong and focused. So does working a lot - and sleeping pills at night, I'm not gonna lie!

I remember posting months ago about how lucky and happy we were, and I hope to find that again. I hope to hold onto the good we had. I hope to find my muse again and be inspired to write well and frequently again, soon.

Stay tuned . . .

As Always,
Carrie Neal