Friday, September 18, 2009

Brand: Carrie Neal Walden

It is a new day and age for one Ms. Carrie Neal Walden. Yes, that's me. And I am on a roll!

Since I first started my little site,, on August 3, 2006, so very much has happened in "CN Land." As these three years have passed, I have figured out so many things about myself, my goals - personal and professional - and my "worldview," as I call it.

Whatever am I talking about? Empire-building, baby. Writing, blogging, sales, foodie-love stuff, lifestyle-done-right (and the other things I won't reveal to you just yet!) . . . it is all a part of my master plan. And to do the oh-so-many things I have on my list, I needed a new domain to "umbrella" it all.

Hence, is born. This is the shell, but never fear - soon it will be so much more!

Stay tuned . . .

As Always,
Carrie Neal