Thursday, October 14, 2010

Uh-Oh . . .

So, really, all we I did was read up on the perils and all around bad-ness of processed foods far more than I did get us to successfully eat in a significantly more unprocessed, good-for-us way. I think I included a few more vegetables in our diet and I know I ate more fruit (I realized I'd been slack about that, for some reason), but we're just shy of half-way through October and I am throwing in the towel on any official commitment to this challenge.

Now, I'll still try to ramp up our ingestion of unprocessed eats, but I'm going to have to be honest and call this what it really is: a "research" exercise. Yes, sadly, things have just been too crazy and our shopping efforts too undisciplined (we got to bare bones then had the kids with us when we finally, absolutely had to go to the store) to be in any way effective at this challenge. So. Towel thrown.

But I will enjoy reading others' posts and following along in spirit. And hopefully I can bone up on my knowledge, get better prepared and perhaps find a week somewhere along the way (that's probably a better time frame for us, after all) that we can really apply ourselves to this kind of cleaner, healthier eating, and do it right. Or find a different kind of challenge to test our mettle, and see what results arise.

Next up . . .

As Always,

Carrie Neal