Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Happy Birthday to You" . . . And Me!

Attention, schmoopy post to follow!!

Yes, if you know me, you know that I've been a smitten little kitten for some months now, and I'm going to talk about The Boy in this post. 'Twas his birthday today (don't worry, I only say "was" because he's already turned in for the night!) and it was so fun to have somebody I love to celebrate. In case you didn't know, I love birthdays with great passion and celebrate them with abandon.

Today wasn't all that eventful, I suppose, unless you're like me and consider yourself lucky and blessed to have a wonderful person in your life whom you are excited to fete. And, even better, one who thinks it's top-notch and most important to celebrate his day with you. I am just that kind of lucky and blessed, it seems. It's been a long time coming, finding The Boy, so I'm grateful most of all.

He loved his present, which was actually a "mini" gift - these cute little spreaders with footballs as the handles and a cool bowl made for yummy dips; we love to cook and since his set of "chef" spreaders include one little guy missing an arm, they seemed like the perfect initial gift. His *real* present is one of the more brilliant ones I've come up with, maybe ever (and I'm a damn fine gift-giver, y'all) but, alas, wasn't ready for the big day itself. That just means the birthday fun gets extended, I told him . . .

I actually got a big present today, too - I give him the credit for this being a "good luck kind of day" - since I got a job! I've been looking for something else to do to - what's that expression? oh, that's right, "supplement my income"! - and start tomorrow, bringing service, coffee, eats and adult beverages to the masses at [Cute Neighborhood Spot]. Yay!

Oh, I love birthdays, whether mine or someone else's. Happy Birthday, indeed, to The Boy - and to me!

As Always,
Carrie Neal

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