Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Uh-oh, Here we go again! Another "Foodie" challenge . . .

I am so easily swayed! One of my Foodie friends rings a bell and *ding* there I am! And once again, yep, the bell tolls for me . . . this time, it's the call of "just-say-no-to-processed-foods" (not a cause I've really put too much thought into, I'll be honest with you) and I've decided to, well, put some think to it.

How much processed food do I really eat, or cook for The Boy and me, since I'm the one who does most of that work for us these days, given our schedules? "Hmm, self, good question," I thought just now as I read the post linked from to that took me to this whole challenge of eating non-processed foods for an entire month. I mean, I think I eat pretty healthfully, and cook that way for us - veggies, and good fats and all that, etc. - but I had to stop and think . . . I don't really spend that much time thinking deeply about the details of processed foods. Sure, I know the basics and all, and I know that getting enough colors and whole foods in my and our diet means red peppers and oranges, lean cuts of beef and green leafy vegetables not Chee-tos and Doritos or beef jerky and hot dogs (even if they have ketchup and onions as "veggie garnishes"). But . . . what might I be missing? And as our Chief Resident Dietician, what could I do better for my health and waist-line, and his?

Oh, the scent of a challenge (why do I suddenly have flashbacks to scenes from "Scent of A Woman"??) . . . Stay tuned, friends and readers, no doubtedly more snippets (of what, crankiness? victory? education?) from the ensuing days of this experiment will make their way into my posts. Let's see just how *processed* - or not - we are!

As Always,
Carrie Neal

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